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When precise and rigid mounting of bending mirror is needed, right angle prism mirrors provide more advantage than plate mirrors. Mirrors are designed to reflect light that is externally incident to hypotenuse of the prism. Prism angular tolerance of 90 deg angle is in range of several arc minutes (or arc seconds for precision type). Easy mounting does not required further alignment to bend a light at exact 90 deg angle, what makes the mirrors ideal for rigid optical systems. Four standard metallic coatings are provided. The most common is aluminum coating which features a fair reflection in UV, visible and mid - IR wavelength ranges. Other type of aluminum coating is labeled as "UV enhanced", which means it is designed for UV applications. Protected silver coating is best suited for application in visible wavelength range, while protected gold is the most efficient coating over the entire IR range. However, for maximum reflectivity and highest LIDT, the best choice is dielectric coated mirrors. 
  • Protected gold provides excellent, broadband infrared high reflectance 
  • Protected silver provides higher reflectance than aluminum throughout the visible and near IR 
  • Protected aluminum is economical solution for VIS applications 
  • UV enhanced aluminum provides good reflectance over a wide range and are mainly used in UV applications

Right Angle Prism Mirror

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