KDP, DKDP Crystals

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KDP, DKDP Crystals 15x15x20mm Application: SHG @ 1064 nm (Type II)
Coatings: AR/AR @ 1064 nm/1064+532 nm
Orientation Theta/Phi: 53.5/0°
Application: SHG @ 1064 nm (Type II)
Coatings: AR/AR @ 1064 nm/1064+532 nm
Dimensions, mm: 15 (+0/-0.1) x 15 (+0/-0.1) x 20 (±0.1)
End surfaces confirguration: Right angle cut
LIDT: >5 J/cm² for 10 ns pulses @ 1064 nm
Orientation Theta/Phi, °: 53.5/0
Parallelism error: <20 arcsec
Perpendicularity: <5 arcmin
Protective chamfers: <0.1 mm x 45°
S1 Flatness, PV IR S2 Flatness, PV: <λ/4 @ 632.8 nm
Surface quality, S-D: 20-10
Transparency range, nm: 160-1800
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The most commonly used electro-optical crystal is DKDP with a deuteration more than 98%. These crystals are grown by a water-solution method and can be grown up to very large sizes. Therefore, they are as low-cost and large-size finished non-linear components available. For frequency-doubling (SHG) and -tripling (THG) of Nd:YAG laser at 1064 nm, both type I and type II phase-matchings can be employed for Nonlinear single crystals KDP and DKDP. For frequency - quadrupling (4HG, output at 266 nm) of Nd:YAG laser KDP crystal is normally recommended. 

  • Good UV transmission
  • High optical damage threshold
  • High birefringence
  • High nonlinear coefficients

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