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Brewster face: not coated
end configuration: flat / Brewster
flat face: R=97.5%@1053nm, [email protected] (T>95%)
Nd doping: 1.3%
surface quality: 10/5
tolerance for [email protected]: +/- 0.5%
Comment: 3x3x4mm, 1053nm
Comment: c-axis orientation tolerance < 0.5 deg
Comment: c-axis perpendicular to laser beam &
Comment: c-axis perpendicular to laser E-vector
Comment: length = 4mm (along beam path)
Comment: R=97.5%@1053nm, [email protected]
Comment: square section = 3mm x 3mm
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Nd:YLF (more precise formula is Nd:LiYF4) emission wavelengths are 1053, 1047, 1313, 1324, and 1370 nm. It is laser material alternative to Nd:YAG. Main Nd:YLF advantage over Nd:YAG is higher pulse energy at low (<2kHz) repetition rate. Other differences are also worth to mention: weak thermal lensing, relatively broad fluorescence linewidth and naturally polarized oscillation.
  • Low inhomogeneity
  • Apertures up to 20mm
  • Length up to 120mm

Nd:YLF Crystals

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