• AgGaS2 Crystals
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Dimensions, mm: 8 x 8 x 1.2
S1 Flatness, PV IR S2 Flatness, PV: L/6, 20-15 scr/dig
Orientation accuracy: +/-30 arcmin
S1: [email protected], P-pol, [email protected], S-pol
S2: [email protected], S-pol (optical axis is in P plane)
Wedge / Parallelism error: <30arcsec
Comment: Laser quality polished
Comment: Theta=39deg, Phi=45deg
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Silver Thiogallate (AgGaS2) crystal has a high non-linear coefficient, high damage threshold, and a wide transmission range. It also has low optical absorption and scattering, low wavefront distortion. Among commercially available crystals, AgGaS2 has the highest figure of merit for non-linear interactions in the near and deep infrared.

  • Large effective optical nonlinearity
  • Wide spectral and angular acceptances
  • Broad transparency range
  • High Figure of merit for non-linear interactions
  • Excellent crystal for three-wave interactions
  • Ultrashort pulse generation in mid IR range
  • Suitable for applications with CO2 laser

AgGaS2 Crystals

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